Today was an epic day. I didn’t show any homes for sale in Encinitas / Leucadia, nor did I close escrow on any listings that I have in my back pocket. Today was thee perfect lifestyle day where I enjoyed the best part of real estate in Encinitas; Swamis and then a bean and cheese double wrapped burrito  from good ol’ Filibertos… And a Venti vanilla iced coffee from Starbucks of course.  

After my very very double satisfying surf sessions, I got lunch and then slowly made the cruise home and felt like I had to stop and share these awesome photos of today and some super cool artsy photos of Encinitas / Leucadia Real Eatate. I love the photo of Freeda on the outside of this home in Leucadia across Orpheus Park. 
I took some cool photos of homes in Coastal Point, a tiny subdivision that sits on top of Orpheus Park. I love his area of Leucadia where there are many ocean view homes in Encinitas with a great walkable location to the 101.

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